Feb 10, 2011

An attempt since very long and blue ones are easier to pen!

Myriad of emotions,
breaching the tranquility!

Faded memories beckon,
a desire to bolt from sanity
before the surrender...
the heart murmurs a plea, before
relinquishing under empowerment

The forgotten memories dazzle
choking, engulfing the serenity.
surreality steps in
The pain, the agony, the misery,
as stark as the day gone by
the vivid imagination splatters
to knock on the deep doors of misery
anticipation to desperation
the scales are high to pay
the climax threatening,
to engulf, to absorb

the shattering heart breaks
the shrieking sounds pale...

The Fear of reminiscing the agony
unbearable pain surges
as the memories avoided
gather up to mock, to taunt
the existence of the tattered soul!

Can the Past never Die?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u can get ur emotions deep hidden, to the surface..wen u pen em down..:)
..but i really wish one day u cant write anymore..i.e. wen da tide changes...pain is alienated