Aug 4, 2009

Emotional Turbulence !!

As I see you, Oh! Mighty one,
I realize with a longing,
in an amateur poetess's heart,
Words can only do Injustice!

I bow down to your esteemed presence,
as the sense of tranquility prevails
capturing me into a trance.

Your tides are so fierce ,
Yet when you hit the shores,
there is a humbleness in your sacrifice
for the selfish mortal's pleasure.

As i see you moving
back and forth with every bounce..
I see your sacrifice
reading joy even in the faces
of the most arrogant sapiens !

As the silent observer in me,
hunts the faces of all ages..

I see the children scattered around,
Unafraid and Shrieking
in the highest of decibels
entering to discover,
the Vastness in you!

The lovebirds seem undisturbed,
In every nook and corner
chirping within themselves
in the lowest of decibels!
enjoying the bonding in solitude
letting the eyes do all talking
and seeking heavenly comfort
in the lovers arms, I realize
words fade near the mighty you!

I can also see a few of the
withered ones,
not by grace,
not by heart,
not in the least by charm,
But by the sheer age!
I can see their eyes twinkling
as they enjoy the breeze!

And last but not the least
I see a few unlikely souls
like me inhaling the serenity
which you are ever ready to give.

Come what may!
You are a source of
unadulterated pleasure!
whose generosity
is over showered
on every passer by!

Now as the boats move further away,
towards the unknown horizon,
I begin to wet my feet
just for the sheer endurance,
of the soft kisses
you bestow upon me..
I can see you smiling,
I can see you mocking,

Oh! Mighty OCEAN ,
You are forever a mystery!

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