Aug 4, 2009

A small token of Love for my Best friend who is getting married!

Dedicated to my Best Friend KRUPA!

Its been a decade,
The innocent childhood,
The ignorant Teen days,
The Romantic college days, :)
The Realistic harsh days,
And Yet I crave for more ;-)

You are always close to my heart,
yet the distance makes it hard.
I know you are going away for the good,
I know you are going to be happy.
Yet, my heart refuses to let go,
My soul is being unrealistic!

You have always been around,
smiled through my happy days,
cried with me when I am hurt,
showered me with love when I needed,
I can never get someone so dear,
I love you my dear Friend!

It all seems so near,
the days of innocence,
the days filled with sunshine,
the days we were ourselves.
Now we commute in different paths,
I have furthered the distance,
To let you go.
Now spread your wings ,
and fly high my dearest,
Your day is coming,
Your joys are gonna make me smile,
Your happiness will enrich thy!

You are going to be glowing,
Like the Moon on a cloudless night,
as you gracefully walk down the aisle,
amongst all the near dear ones,
As everyone turn green with envy..
I shall be beaming with Pride,
here comes the beautiful bride!

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