Aug 4, 2009

A new Start, a new Begining!

A new start, a new beginning;
Always enticing, always excites!
The wonder of the mystery,
Of what lies ahead, intrigues;
Contemplating the good, bad and the evil,
The optimist in me runs to the aid,
Pushing aside the peeping pessimism
Future days of the new beginning,
May unfold as memories
Either preferring to be locked deep inside,
Or brings a Smile to cherish,
Of the time well spent, the time relished.

As I leisurely march past,
The scurrying crowd,
My youth and vigor, Fails
To entrap the rush, the hustle
Of the day anticipated.

Nobody seems to drink in the beauty,
Of the early mist, shimmering Sun,
The twittering birds, the swaying leaves
The holy serenity is disrupted
By the swarming people in all directions.
For this is yet another beginning amidst aplenty!

As I see down leisurely, enjoying
My new beginning, my freedom,
I realize I need this time for me
I rejoice the feel of the paper and ink
Giving me the power of words
Inspiring me; eluding me;
I begin this day with the assurance
Of a decision well made
Tempting to reveal the new Start,

Of my first Bus Journey in Solitude.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic last line